Did "Writers Block" Just Hit You? Here Are Some Things To Help!Edit

Writers block is time consuming, inconvenient and flat out frustrating. So here are some things meant to help you get through it and continue the story!


What is "Writers Block?" Edit

Writers block is when an author has a complete "brain-fart" or moment of zero imagination when trying to write. It could happen when your coming up with a plot then can't decide or think of what will happen next.


Tips To Get Through Or Avoid It! Edit


Take a break! Edit

Don't force your stories, take a break and distract yourself for a while, your story will thank you!

Read! Edit

Read what others have written and maybe it can inspire you. You may be reading about a dog then decide a cool plot would be a dog trying to get back to its owner, then viola! An idea!

Talk to yourself Edit

This may sound crazy, but if your looking for or trying to solve plot holes then you can talk to an "invisible person" about your story. Try to explain the plot and the characters and soon enough you may have something to fill the hole!

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