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This is the official rules page for Fictional Authors Wiki. Be ready for rules to be added or taken out for the good of this community. IGNORANCE OF THESE RULES IS NO EXUSE TO BREAK THEM! Edit

Rules Edit

-No Spam pages Edit

This includes pages that are blank, have no use or are a complete mess. (Example of a messy page would be a title like "hnignckusdg" and content like "dsiunfksuygfcisudygncfisdgncf")

-No Behavioral Or Verbal attacks Edit

Anything meant to discourage, harm or hurt the feelings of anyone will NOT be tolerated. Bullying counts as comments like "Haha my stories are way better" or "Meh, don't think you'll get anywhere with stories like that." Pages can be considered bullying too, such as pages named "My stories are the best" or "you all are terrible and should quit."

-No Sexual Content Edit

We are trying to keep this wiki semi-kid friendly. SOME cussing can slip by. A small kiss can slip by, but mature, sexual scenes in stories are NOT allowed. 

-No Personal Information Edit

ZERO personal information should be given out such as phone number, address, last name, first name, middle name, location, passwords, pictures of self, social (YouTube is fine though), names of family or friends, school, etc. However, some things allowed are favorite color, favorite animal, favorite movie/book/game, pets, time zone or age-RANGE. If anyone is asking for info, please tell me on my message wall.

-No Off Topic Pages Edit

If there are pages about anything but books, they are considered spam AND off topic. Off topic pages can clutter up categories, lists, etc.

-No Face Reveals Edit

No one is allowed to reveal face/any part of their body/Any photos of the land outside where they are. This could help creeps on the internet find you, and again, we are trying to make this a safe community. Taking photos of your house or the land outside your house and showing them is not ok, showing screenshots of photography is ok as long as they are not taken close to where you are.

-Language Edit

Constant swearing at an individual is NOT ok. However a few cusses are ok, as long as they are not directed at someone. You can use some "colorful language" in your stories, however don't take this as "you can cuss in every sentence and we wont do anything," because if you are cussing THAT often, we WILL get rid of the content.

-Impersonation Edit

Claiming you are someone you are not is not ok whatsoever. Having a fake name is OK, as long as you admit it is fake. If you see someone who says they are a famous author/any other celebrity, flag the profile or page.

-Easy On The GoreEdit

When writing, we dont want to be the ones to scar kids/readers for life. Mention of murder/scuicide/gore/other dark themes in stories are ok, as long as you add a disclaimer or warning at the beginning of the story. Pictures of gore are NOT allowed. Blood is ok, but showing organs, bones, puss or other gorish things besides blood is not ok, but this doesn't mean go soak your character in it.


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